Screenings and closing party

Thursday 1st September. Final night of the Investigation Bureau: screenings and closing party

 19.00 Secrets of Nature – War in the Trees (1931) 8.49 minutes, Secrets of Nature – Mighty Atoms (1930) 9.45 minutes.

Featuring grubs, pupae, insect sex, zoological warfare and general insect horror. Plus the bio-horror of cheese mites: seething bodies of micro-cosmic beings depicted through sheer technical film-art virtuosity.

19.20 ‘Owl in Daylight’ by Intermission (2001) 10.11 minutes. Introduced by the former Intermission’s Derek Brunnen and Marianne Bos.

A videoscape for Philip K. Dick completed during a 2001 Movie Making Festival, this film was conceived, shot and edited in 48 hours. Extending the spirit of the festival each of the 10 team members directed a minute of the film and an original sound track was composed and produced during the given period.

19.45 ‘Sleeper’, animation by Marina Roy; sound by Graham Meisner (2004) 8 minutes.

Made using cel and collage techniques, stream of consciousness imagery flows in a way similar to the associations, condensations, and displacements of dreams. Sexy pastoral imagery morphs into science fiction nightmare.

‘The Floating Archipelago’, Animation by Marina Roy; sound by Graham Meisner (2015) 6 minutes

Part one of a feminist sci-fi narrative. Islands of land and ice break off from planet earth, animals and people are born from waqwaq trees, and women tend to the animals and plants as they float on island-ships through outer space. Vignettes and figures were constructed from cut adhesive vinyl.

20.00 ‘Green Skeen’ by Orphan Drift and Plastique Fantastique (2016) 40 minutes.

Collaboration between the hive mind that is OD and the mythopoetic fiction that constitutes Plastique Fantastique. Orphan Drift & Plastique Fantastique assemble technoanimals to summon Green Skeen (a green screen/skin techno-animal feeding on telematic signals) through chroma-key-ritual and drone-song.



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