360 Test Edits

Here are two tests of Greg’s editing software for 360 videos. The software allows one to control the rotation, scale and path through the spheres.

The first video documents a conversation with Scott Inniss at The Foundation restaurant, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver in August 2016. Scott discusses different First Nations approach the realities of capitalist economics in the region and the extent to which they perpetuate colonial models of governance. The Foundation is famous for its fusion vegetarian food and for playing exclusively hip hop music at very high volumes. The background track is Young Thug’s ‘Special’ which was being played at the time. Sadly, due to spiralling rent increases in the city, the restaurant has now had to close it’s doors after fifteen years in business.

The second photosphere  documents a conversation between myself, Steve Calvert and Stephanie Moran about the colonisation the landscape in the Pacific Northwest. The conversation took place on the shores of  Roberts Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, September 2016 when we were on our way to Chief Alan Hunt’s potlatch in Fort Rupert.

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